exploration: Podcast and Admiration.

These past few days in class we’ve been talking about podcast and people we admire. I love listening to people talk, I think it’s a thing that people do frequently but it absolutely fascinates me. How people flow with their sentences and stitch together their favorite topics with snowflakes of everyday conversation. So podcast are a daily regular with me. Some of my all time favorite podcast involve a little bit of everything I love and things I support. So heres a list of my four most heard podcast and my favorite for each.

1.”Philosophize This” by Stephen West is “a podcast about philosophy where you don’t need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it…the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained” In this show I learned a lot about philosophy without having to take out a dementedly high interest loan in University. The author and voice of the podcast is soothing but always wakes me up about that the ideas that go over my head daily. My favorite episode has to do with love and its called “Episode #092…Nietzsche pt.4 Love” He explains the varying differences about what is love and what is selfishness in the simplest terms through the ideas and writing of Frederick Nietzschie. This podcast is immensely educational and entertaining and I think everyone has something to learn from these shows if not about the world around you then about yourself.

2. “Call her Daddy” by Alexandria Cooper and her Best friend Sofia Franklyn is a podcast that about the life and tips that these two 20 year old women living in New York. Be warned, its not for everybody, they are very funny, bluntly opinionated and their language is absolutely filthy and I love them. My favorite episode specifically is “Stop Ruining your Relationship” where they discuss their philosophy about how women are doubly insecure when they are currently in a relationship. They explain that women need the man to be insecure for them to be secure due to the extra vigilance and effort that men do while in this state of mind. Though absolutely toxic, not completely wrong, am I right ladies?. I would like to formally apologize for the phrase I just wrote. Any way, These two beautifully open and strong women talk about how peoples sexuality is nothing to hide or whisper about; they say people should yell it from the roof tops because thats how people can share and exchange ideas as well as empathy when people have problems in the relationship. I think this podcast is way ahead of its time and I hope I help others in finding and being comfortable with their sexuality in public as well as out in the world.

3. Let’s talk about Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast by Liv (A Greek Mythology Geek) A lively podcast telling and discussing the short stories of Greek and Roman Mythology. Liv, podcast author, tells these stories in a casual, blunt, and funny way so as to keep our full attention and to allow her self to enjoy her love for these stories. One can really hear the passion and revision that the author puts into every podcast episode. She mentions the immense research she does so that these stories are the most consistent versions out there because as some of you know, greek mythology stories were shared only through word of mouth so there are bound to be some different variations through the years. My favorite Greek story is definitely “VIII (Oedipus pt.1) Don’t Mess with the Oracle. Just Don’t Do It. Why Would You Do It?“. Listening to Liv is like having that one teacher in High School have a class about what they are actually passionate about and not a funnel teacher with an Art degree that teaches Video Com. You guys know what’s up.

4. Your Favorite Band Sucks by Mark Mosley & Tyler Mahan Coa. These guys; These guys are the absolute best. Hilarious, straight-foward and well researched. Mosley and Mahan Coa not only don’t like your favorite band, they give you cold hard facts – evidence as to why you shouldn’t like them either. I enjoy introducing this podcast to people solely for the reaction that these guys are just completely shredding their favorite band to pieces. Now, I understand that theres a little bit of a theme with the my podcast of choice being blunt in nature but they’re my favorite podcast, they don’t have to be yours so tranquilxs corillxs. So my favorite episode for this podcast would be “Green Day Sucks” I have friend that grew up with Green Day and saw them raise to fame hood(yeah, he’s kinda old), and I gotta tell you, his face hearing this podcast? Better than Christmas in August con tres leches y coquito from my mama-awilda. Recommend to all.

These are all my favorite podcast and I think that everyone might enjoy, granted not everyone but you can’t win them all.

I am a writing major, really journalism, but I love writing about anything, hence ‘Nahir writes everything’. There’s some people that I admire in this field but a lot of them don’t have a personal website or are very active in their social media, mostly because they speak more with their books, articles and magazines. However, there are plenty of people I admire that do have a more active presence online and a website of their own. I want to share a couple of the people that inspire me everyday to add more styles and words to my writing and how to reach more people. I’ll share about what I like in their professional website and in their online presence through social media like Instagram.

  1. J.K. Rowling. A British author, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist. You all know her as the author of the Harry Potter series. This author of course is a personal favorite of mine because of how she plans things ahead of time and incorporates small details that no one even notices until she wants you to notice. She has her own personal website: “ J.K. Rowling.com” the site is inviting and warm with a rolling picture of a desk that she would have in the background. The design is simple and so is the layout where they only have five tabs in at the top to look for just about everything: Home, News, Answers, Writing, and About. These tabs give me ideas for my on own website, like what I want on the opening page. The site also has pathways to donate to different charities and clinics that she supports, so if you guys are interested you can click the link and donate as much as you want.
  2. Priyanka Chompra. An Indian actress, singer, film producer. One of India’s highest-paid and most popular celebrities, Chopra has received numerous awards, including one National Film Awards and five Film fare Awards. This actress was one of my favorites and most talented I know. She doesn’t have a personal website yet but her social media is always plenty full with updated post and insight as to what movie or charity events she’s doing. She donates to a lot of charities and does a fair amount of social work. Her names on Instagram and twitter are: Priyanka Chopra (Twitter), Priyanka Chopra (Instagram).
  3. Felicia Chiao. This girl is definitely one of my favorites. You guys have seen her before when I liked her Instagram Art account. Her art includes water colors portraying what she feels at the time or week. There’s plenty of ones when she feels sad while drawing and you can see it very clearly in the art. The transparency with her emotions in the painting is something I aspire to in my writing.

These were some people that inspire me and show me their best in their favorite things to do. The importance of being passionate about what you do. If the artist I presented here weren’t passionate it would show in everything that they do, the podcast authors genuinely love talking about their topic and that’s why it’s important to me.

Something else that inspires me

The commitment is what sells me to all these people. If there’s one thing that I want it learn from everyone on this list is that I hope people can see the passion and love that I put into my own writing. Maybe one day I’ll inspire someone else one day.

Love, Nahir

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