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On October 2nd we had our first official recording of a podcast in Informatica. The topic of conversation was mental health and how similar problems can effect people different according to who they are. I was really interested because they brought up a lot of good points such as how many people forget that not everyone can deal with the same amount of stress as others do. For example when a class or assignment is stressing you out, you would react a certain way to help deal with the issue or just try to go through the emotion to then be able to fully do the work and then continue. Other however might see this same exact assignment as something not to stress about; they might say something along the lines of ” It’s not that big of a deal”. Obviously you found the situation more triggering than the others did. The point of this example is a practice in consideration and taking a moment to acknowledge and not swipe away someone else’s feelings.

I have been diagnosed with with Anxiety since I was little, although I didn’t do the pills that were recommended, I’m learning everyday how to handle and deal with that sort of stress. I breathe, I write, and I read till I have a less manageable anxiety and then continue on with my day. Of course the pills might work better for some people and for others it might affect them badly but that’s all in how the body takes it and where you lie on the spectrum of anxiety. Anxiety has effected me in everyday life: driving, eating, and even small mundane activities make me feel like there’s fireworks going off in my chest. Its definitely tough and it honestly drags me down a little each day but I’m always learning about ways to help myself be better and how to use the emotion to my advantage.

Theres som epages on instagram that, for me, take away som eof the anxiety that I can sometimes feel to be perfect or carefree. These account tell me that the best way to be is to be myself and everything else will fall in line.

This Instagram artist likes to show people in complete disproportion and in broadly bold colors. This page always makes me feel confident about my art and myself.

This model is one of my favorites because before she was recognized for her beauty many people bullied her on the fact that she is tomboyish and her short buzz cut hair. She fought through all of that and convinced everyone that she wasn’t going to change who she was for anybody and she stapled her own brand of beauty and she became a force to be reckoned with.

Not only is this one of my favorite #bookstubers, this is also my favorite post/picture of hers because of how she talks about her self and her struggles of work and being a writer as well as what shes doing in life. All her pictures are always uniquely hers and never seem too perfect but always seem natural and happy and I hope that’s something that we all can aspire to. Happiness.

I wanted to share as a final including thought that as I talk about all the image effects and tendencies we get from a lifetime in this life style, I find myself taking pictures in moments of good and I wanted to share one of my own.

2 Friends on a light afternoon.

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