gif! or Jif. I Don’t Discriminate

For informatica class we were learning how to do Gif’s and I got to pick two of my favorite movies to show. I didn’t know that I could make these small films but its nice to know that I have the information to do so now. Its actually quite fun and I recommend it to a lot of people. You can add tittle or subtitles and even change the speed of the gif. I hope someone tries it other than me.

Mary And Max

The opening scene for Mary & Max. This clay-mation picture represents the already wackiness nature of the movie.
This is the final scene for this movie and its truly heartbreaking. Mary, the one looking around the room and eventually towards the ceiling, was max’s pen pal. Max is the old man looking straight up at all the letters they wrote to each other. Max had no other friends and Mary taught him to be brave with only words through mail. Max is dead in this scene. In a bittersweet note for an ending, he dies remembering the letters of his Best Friend, Mary.

The law of Thermodynamics

This movie is one of my favorite romances because of how its use of science tries to explain love and why with do it and with whom. The laws of thermodynamics applied to love in the beginning when it was going great for the main character but then it started to spiral only because he decided the science said it was time for it to spiral.

This is the opening scene of the movie. Explaining the law of attraction and describing how and what would have to happen for just one pair of people to come together to start dating’ and its all according to gravity, of course .
This science shows the lovers connection shattering due to the main characters science. He tries to enforce that he was right all along because she was breaking up with him. When in reality she broke up with him because he was always waiting for the end and she just wanted to be happy.

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